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If you're interested, detailed job description is below but, must be in the NYC area, non-paid/college credit positions available. Send a cover letter + resume to uncensoredinterview@gmail.com

Marketing interns for Uncensored Interview are dedicated to helping the UI brand and indie bands and artists by promoting UI interviews to fans and other communities online. We seek organized, responsible, and dedicated music fans with an interest in digital media. Strong web skills and use of social networks (i.e. Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, Last.fm etc.) are mandatory. Knowledge of traditional/online marketing and HTML are preferred. We have a strong intern program and expect applicants to hit the ground running. Position requires approximately 10-15 hrs per week. We prefer candidates located in New York City, but if you’re the right person, we will consider you even if you are not located in NYC. Must be a Junior or Senior in college. This position is unpaid, but you'll get school credit. Please submit resume and brief cover letter to uncensoredinterview@gmail.com. Interns report to the Marketing Manager.

Specific Responsibilities:
---Watch all assigned UI video content and help distribute artist videos to fanbases online
---Work as admin on UI social network pages by updating content and adding new users
---Monitor and report statistical data on third party pages
---Work from your own user profile on social networks to spread the word about artist videos
---Research artist information when applicable
---Research and document blog information when applicable

---Frequent use of social networks, preferably music social networks
---Must be a Junior or Senior in college to apply
---Familiarity with music and lifestyle blogs, preferably indie lifestyle blogs
---Love of indie music and knowledge of indie musicians
---Intimate working knowledge of web tools, technologies, and best practices
---Able to work independently, strong attention to detail and expert record keeper (spreadsheets/documentation/etc.), goal-oriented, results-driven personality with a commitment to the UI product and community
---Team player – ability to collaborate and interact effectively within marketing team and across multiple disciplines
---Strong ability to work in a creative, fast paced environment and to manage multiple projects simultaneously
---Exceptional oral and written skills; must have a respectful, direct, and honest communication style
---Strong business and personal ethics when dealing with internal teams
---Must demonstrate the highest level of integrity

About Us:
Uncensored Interview is a broadband video platform for the community of indie music artists and indie music fans. We interview acclaimed musicians of all genres in an unscripted format and help bands connect with their fans across all digital platforms.
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I cannot get over just how eclectic our site has become. On our home page we have clips from the Shout Out Louds, a band from Sweden, The Frantic, a Chicago band, Enter Shikari, from the UK, and Jason Isbell, an Alabaman and former front man for drive by truckers. It just tickles me so. I get especially psyched by bands from Sweden, I feel like it is the new hot bed for great independent artists. Every time I pause in a cafe, restaurant, store, and ask "who's playing?" the answer is something like Lykke Li or some such. Let's all go to Sweden and stalk the Shout Out Louds.

Also pretty exciting are Enter Shikari. But good bands coming out of the UK is not news. Despite that, they gave a great interview and were very funny. I haven't spent that much time listening them. What do you guys think of them?

Now, princess, be a doll and give them your attention, they deserve it. These are all bands working for themselves with out the aid(?) of major labels. So be a team player and love it.
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I want to give word bubbles to some photos of the new artists still getting up on the page from SXSW and beyond:


"Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?"

Virginia Coalition:

"Don't Front"

Semi-Precious Weapons:

"Is there someone behind me? Don't look, don't look."

Of course I am not nearly as witty in making up what these vibrant and talented musicians actually say in their interviews so you should just go watch their clips. Or else make up your own captions and put me to shame- to shame I say.
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So is Sons and Daughters. They have been thrilling me to tears. No, that is an overstatement, but I was definitely sad when about a year and a half ago I missed their show in Manhattan. Somehow they have been passing by my radar without me catching them live on their US tours (they are from Glasgow), one of which they did last year. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they will be on the East coast anytime soon, but they are playing the Coachella festival. So I am pretty much envious of anyone who is going to that. I guess I will just bide my time without them watching their videos about bunions and song lyrics and wishing I were back in Scotland, land of the best whiskey, heavy accents and sexy arse mountains, and these guys.

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Hey everyone,

Not only does Los Campesinos offer fun, upbeat call and response, anthem pop music, they are also comprised of good looking group of Brits. Just look at a smattering of the three members we got to interview at this years SXSW:

There are four more members where those came from. I am loving their songs and they will be playing with The Go! Team on tour, which sounds like the most fun ever. Ever. They are also influenced by some of my older favorites and new loves, such as Pavement and Cassiotone for the Painfully Alone. And it all gets better - They are coming to the States in mid May! Watch their videos, love the accents, and make fun of fanatical British sports fans with them. No one likes soccer chants when sung loudly and drunk by 15 men in your faces. However, we do like the chant-like cheery pop of Los Campesinos.

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So nothing has been posted in a while.  This is primarily due to the general pandemonium around SXSW and the many goodie bags to be prepared for bands we have been wooing, as well as fans we hope to smote.  Would that be the correct way of conjugating smitten?  No, it seems more like how you smote your foe.  Well, that is not how it is intended.  

Regardless we promise to be more attentive insharing and showing a lot of caring all over this page.  Do the same! 

In terms of bands, there are too many to list.  But you can be pretty sure that if you went to SXSW or you heard all about it and you want to know more about a band- you can find out what kind of socks they like to wear on the page, cause we got a lot of footage with a lot of great people.  Maybe you think they're great too?  Tell us.  Now!

Sorry, don't mean to be so demanding, just a little over eager and happy to type.

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Are here!

The Rosebuds Interview
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Look out everyone!

I'm pumped!


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Guess who we just interviewed?!!

Well, I already gave it away in the title.

See more here: http://www.uncensoredinterview.com/vlogs/list?category=120

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Hey all,

no clips today, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm super excited because we got to interview Au Revoir Simone (one of my favs). The interview should be up on the main site soon, so keep checking...I'll try and post again when it goes up as well.


Hope everyone is safe and well!


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